Mount Rinjani is the second highest mountain in Indonesia with a peak that rises as high as 3,726 m above sea level. This mountain is able to attract thousands of tourists throughout the year. Below Mount Rinjani, before the summit, there is a lake with a stunning view. This lake is called Segara Anak lake. In the middle is Mount Baru Jari which is a child of Mount Rinjani which was formed hundreds of years ago. Around the foot of Mount Rinjani there are also several natural caves, small waterfalls, and springs.

In 2004, Mount Rinjani National Park was awarded the "World Legacy Award" as one of the world's eco-tourism destinations. And in 2016, Rinjani has received an Assessment (assessment) from UNESCO and is currently in the UNESCO Global Geopark Aspiring, (in the process of becoming a world GEOPARK). Inevitably, this reinforces Rinjani as the right choice for adventurers doing trecking and climbing. Before starting the climb, you should look for more detailed information about climbing at the National Park office. There are several climbing posts, namely Sembalun Lumbung and Sembalun Lawang which are in the northern part of the mountain and Senaru which is the initial post for climbing Mount Rinjani.