Central Lombok Regency


1.035.355 Km
1.034,000 Million (2020)
945 people per sq Km (2017)
Min. Wage Rate:
IDR 2.192.987 (2020)
H. Lalu Pathul Bahri., S.IP
Capital City:
12 Districs and 127 Villages

Central Lombok Regency (2023)
  • Total Investment
  • IDR. 603.927.998.725
  • Domestic Investment:
    IDR. 499.753.659.635
    Foreign Investment:
    IDR. 104.174.339.090



Central Lombok Regency is located at position 82° 7'- 8° 30' South Latitude and 116° 10'- 116° 30' East Longitude, stretching from the foot of Mount Rinjani in the North to the coast of Kuta in the South with several islands. little ones around. West Nusa Tenggara Province definitively in 2018 has ten districts / cities. Central Lombok Regency as a part of West Nusa Tenggara Province has an earth coordinate position between 116° 05' to 116° 24' East Longitude and 8° 24' to 8° 57' South Latitude with an area of ​​1,208.39 km² (120,839 Ha). In terms of geographical location, Central Lombok Regency is flanked by two other districts, namely West Lombok Regency in the west and north and East Lombok Regency in the east and north, while in the south it is bordered by the Indonesian Ocean.

In 2010, which is around September and October, Central Lombok Regency experienced the division of 15 villages, so that the number of villages in Central Lombok Regency was 139 villages. while the number of sub-districts remains 12 sub-districts.


The Central Lombok region, which stretches from north to south, has a location and altitude that varies from zero (0) to 2000 meters above sea level. Broadly speaking, the topography is still similar to other districts on the island of Lombok. The types of soil in this area include:

·           Alluvial: 2,764 Ha

·           Gray Regusol: 20,387 Ha

·           Dark Gray Gromusol Complex: 3,947 Ha

·           Gray Gromusol: 34,306 Ha

·           Chocolate Regusol: 8,225 Ha

·           Brown Forest Soil: 9,575 Ha

·           Chocolate Mediterranean Complex: 41,635 Ha


The population of Central Lombok Regency based on the population projection for 2018 is 939,409 people, consisting of 444,480 male residents and 494,929 female residents. Compared to the population projection for 2017, the population of Central Lombok has experienced a growth of 1 percent with each male population growth percentage of 1 percent and female population of 1 percent. Meanwhile, the figure for the ratio of sex in 2018 for the male population to the female population was 90. The population density in Central Lombok Regency in 2018 reached 777 people / km2 with an average population per household of 3 people. Population density in 12 sub-districts is quite diverse with the highest population density located in Praya District with a density of 1,864 people / km2 and the lowest in North Batukliang District at 289 people / km2. Meanwhile, the number of households experienced a growth of 0.92 percent from 2017.



The unemployment rate in Central Lombok Regency has increased compared to 2017. Based on the results of the national labor force survey in August 2018, the unemployment rate was 2.06 percent, slightly moving from the 2017 figure of 2.01 percent. The number of registered job seekers in Central Lombok Regency at the Manpower and Transmigration Office of Central Lombok Regency in 2017 was 13,421 workers. Of the 13,421 registered workers, 76.75 percent of them have been placed to work. The largest proportion of job seekers who registered at the Manpower and Transmigration office in 2017 had an elementary education, namely 51.42 percent (6,902 workers). Meanwhile, according to the business sector, the Agriculture, Forestry and Plantation sectors are the sectors that absorb the most workers, namely as much as 85.02 percent (8,758 workers).



Central Lombok is a district that is dominated by the agricultural sector. The economy of the people of Central Lombok still depends on agricultural products ranging from food crops to plantations. Central Lombok is one of the tobacco producers. In 2018 Lombok's tobacco production reached 9,358.36 tons, consisting of people's tobacco and Virginia tobacco. Apart from tobacco, coconut production also dominates the plantation products of Central Lombok Regency. In 2018 coconut production reached 10,810.32 tons, an increase from the previous year which was only 7,233.09 tons.



The industrial sector in Central Lombok Regency only provides a percentage distribution of 5 percent in the economy of Central Lombok. This is due to the fact that the majority of existing industries are small industries and household handicrafts. According to data from the Central Lombok Regency Industry and Trade Cooperative Office, the number of industrial business units is 30,456 units with a workforce of 43,771 people. Judging from the type of craft industry still dominates. The number of handicraft industries in Central Lombok district in 2018 reached 18,870 units or 61.95 percent of the total industry in Central Lombok.



Central Lombok Regency is one of the tourist destinations that is increasingly popular among tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. The Central Lombok Regency Government is increasingly aggressively promoting various kinds of tourist attractions in Central Lombok Regency. The incessant promotion will certainly attract more and more tourists. For that we need adequate facilities such as hotels and other accommodation to accommodate tourists which are increasing every year. The number of hotels and other accommodations is increasing every year. In 2018 there were 102 hotels and other accommodations with a total of 1,447 rooms. In 2018 there were 200,483 tourist visits to Central Lombok Regency. Which consists of 86,524 foreign tourist visits and 113,959 visits by domestic tourists. Most visits occurred in July-September which is the month of school holidays.



Central Lombok Regency is one of the gateways for the entry of people and goods to the West Nusa Tenggara province. Lombok International Airport or better known as BIL is the center of passenger and goods traffic between provinces and even between countries by air. The number of passengers, luggage and cargo that pass through BIL every day illustrates the economic activities of Central Lombok district and province NTB. The number of passengers and goods passing through BIL is relatively stable each month. In 2018 the peak of passenger traffic at Lombok International Airport occurred in July which reached 406,008 people consisting of domestic and international passengers.



Gross Regional Domestic Product (PDRB) based on current prices according to business fields in 2018 amounted to 16,750.50 billion rupiah, while in the previous year 15,789.21 billion rupiah or an increase of 3.17 percent. The economy in Central Lombok Regency is dominated by the transportation and warehousing sectors as well as the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors. The contribution of the transportation and warehousing sectors reached 19.35 percent while the contribution from the agricultural sector reached 25.33 percent. The sector with the lowest contribution was the water and gas electricity supply sector which only contributed 0.07 percent.