Mandalika Special Economic Zone


The Mandalika SEZ was established through Government Regulation Number 52 of 2014 to become a SEZ Tourism. KEK Mandalika offers marine tourism with stunning beach and underwater charm. Mandalika comes from the name of a legendary figure, namely Princess Mandalika who is known for her beautiful looks. Every year, the people of Central Lombok celebrate the Bau Nyale ceremony, a ritual of searching for sea worms that are believed to be incarnations of Princess Mandalika. This celebration is a unique culture and attracts tourists both locally and internationally. SEZ Mandalika has the concept of developing environmentally friendly tourism with the development of tourist objects and tourist attractions which is always oriented to the preservation of the value and quality of the environment in society.

Project Name : Mandalika Special Economic Zone
Estimate Investment Value :,00 IDR
Business Schema : B2B
Feasibility Study :
Concession Periode : 85 years
Project Income : 0 IDR
IRR : 0 %
Payback Periode : 8 Year, 4 Month
Location : Kabupaten Lombok Tengah
Total Area : 1.035 Ha
Document List :
Attachment : Max. 5 file (Max. 100Mb)
Scoring by Sasambo : Brown Book
Status : Open
Project Owner Profile
ITDC Mandalika

Mr Andi Fachri
Name : Mr Andi Fachri
Occupation : Sales & Strategic Business Partnership Senior Analyst
Phone Number : +628174115412
Office Number : 061 0023 233
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