Biomass Power Plant


Risk husk biomass: Rice husk is a by-product from the milling of rice paddy into rice. The husk is the shells surrounding the rice. For each ton of rice paddy, a treatment facility – known as a rice heller – receives, roughly 60% will become rice and 40% will end as husk. Resource potential: According to the Regional Energy Plan (RUED) of West Nusa Tenggara, the largest biomass potential is from rice husks with a total annual resource of approximately 340,000 tons in Lombok – a number that the Provincial government expects to growth. The potential is primarily located in East, Central and West Lombok (incl. Mataram). The hellers’ annual generation of husk vary from 200 tons to 5,000 tons.

Throughout the year, paddy is being harvested, but the highest paddy production is in May, June and July. The husk has a heating value of 13 GJ/ton, which yields a total estimated capacity of 60-65 MW in Lombok (assuming 6,000 full load hours and 30% efficiency). 

Based on the location of hellers, harbours and grid connection, a site very close to the existing coal-fired power plant on the West coast has been chosen for this study. The required area for the power plant and biomass storage is 2.5 ha, plus an additional area during the construction period (app. 1 ha). The Lembar port and existing road have been used for receiving, reloading and transporting the equipment for the existing Jeranjang power plant and so the logistics should be feasible.

Project Name : Biomass Power Plant
Estimate Investment Value :,00 USD
Business Schema : Revenue Sharing
Feasibility Study :
Concession Periode :
Project Income :
IRR : 24 %
Payback Periode :
Location : Kabupaten Lombok Barat
Total Area : 2,5ha
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Scoring by Sasambo : Brown Book
Status : Open
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The Energy and Mineral Resources Office of West Nusa Tenggara Province was formed in 2016 based on NTB Provincial Regulation Number 11 of 2016 concerning the Establishment and Structure of Regional Apparatus of NTB Province. The Department of Energy and Mineral Resources of NTB Province when viewed from the history of its formation has gone through a long history. The forerunner of its formation began with the establishment of the NTB Mining and Energy Development Project Section in the 1980s, which was part of the work area of the Regional Office of the Department of Mining and Energy of South Sulawesi Province in Ujung Pandan.

Name : Niken Arumdati
Occupation : Sekretaris ESDM Provinsi NTB
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