Investment And Financing (4)

What steps must be taken in order to invest in WNT?

The procedure for investing in an investment project can be checked on the “Step by step investment” menu on the investment and trade menu, select the sub-investment.

What are the benefits of investing in WNT?

WNT has various potential resources that can increase economic growth, such as export-oriented micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), natural resources which are able to attract the attention of tourists and infrastructure development which opens up promising investment opportunities.  To stimulate investment in several areas, access to information and licensing procedures has been facilitated by the presence of a Regional Economy Promotion Team that can handle investment-related problems.  The next advantage is good economic growth, competitive Regional Minimum Wage (RMW), and various kinds of incentives that can be obtained.

How can TPED help investors?

TPED provides information related to investment in WNT. The TPED’s website provides information on business potential in various sectors, steps that must be taken and reasons for investing in WNT.  All of this information will provide a positive perception about the investment climate in WNT.  Furthermore, TPED can be a bridge that connects investors and related government institutions.

Who should be contacted if you want to register a project on the TPED website and how much does it cost?

Contact TPED directly and free of charge (Free)

Trade (5)

How many MSMEs (Micro Small Medium Enterprise) are there in WNT?
WNT has more than four thousand MSMEs units spread across 10 cities / regencies.
How do I get products in WNT?

To get products (agricultural or handicraft products) in WNT, you can contact the related parties directly as listed on the profile of each MSMEs in the Investment and Trade menu then select the company sub menu

What about the payment method?

For more information and to get the desired product, you can contact the relevant party directly to negotiate and transact. Payment can be paid via ATM transfer, QR code, or cash.

Who verifies the qualifications of MSMEs?

Each MSMEs unit will be registered and verified by the “Office of Cooperatives and SMEs” for small and micro enterprises, and the “Trade Office” for middle-class businesses.

Who should be contacted if you want to register MSMEs on the TPED website and how much does it cost?

Contact TPED directly and free of charge (Free)