Product Description:

Kidom Coffee

is one of the new innovations The taste of coffee combined with the Aromatic Characteristics of Moringa Leaves which are rich in sources of protein, vitamins and rich in minerals with the aim of improving health for the body, one of which is to increase stamina.

Kidom Coffe has 2 distinctive flavors of NTB coffee, namely Rinjani Coffee which is unique and originates from the island of Lombok, while Tambora Coffee which has and originates from the island of Sumbawa. Therefore, with the KIDOM Coffee branding which means Kilo-Dompu to introduce one of the best Moringa-producing districts and regencies in NTB for the world.

Flavor Variants:

Moringa Coffee Robusta

Price: IDR 20,000 / pcs

Moringa Kidom


- Made from organic materials

- Nutritious

The Celup Moringa KIDOM is one of the health drinks made from Moringa leaves which is useful for increasing immunity, erectile function, improving digestive function, normalizing high blood pressure, and preventing diabetes.

Flavor Variants:

Moringa Nature

Product Price:

The Moringa KIDOM

(Fill in 15 Sachets, 30 Gram Net) IDR 30,000

(Contents 25 Sachets, Net 50 grams) IDR 70,000

Moringa SasamBodom

The Moringa SasamBodom Powder has a taste and aroma of herbal drinks that attracts and captivates the audience. Besides being made from moringa leaves, this nutritious drink for health is also very suitable for improving heart and kidney function, preventing diabetes, and increasing stamina. This name was chosen aimed at introducing the cultural tribes of NTB Province in the National to Global arena.

Flavor Variants:

Moringa Nature / Natural

Product price: IDR 150,000
Product Name : KIDOM COFFEE
Price : 20.000,00 IDR
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Location : Jl. Sakura Raya Blok G No.9 BTN Sweta Gegerung Indah
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PT. Erwin Utama Jaya berdiri sejak tahun 2020 yang bergerak dibidang pangan (Olahan Makanan dan Minuman) berbahan baku kelor untuk diproduksi menjadi Kopi Kelor, Biskuit Kelor, Dodol Kelor dan Donat Kelor dengan Branding produk KIDOM.

Erwin Irawan
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