Galang Songket

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Galang Songket is a traditional Lombok weaving craft that was founded in 2009, engaged in the creative industry of making woven fabrics from various types of threads such as silk threads, misrais threads, cotton threads with various types of motifs that we make using traditional looms called Gedogan looms.

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Stork Motif

The motif of the crane facing each other means peace and happiness. the history of the use of cranes. if a bride and groom wear it, it is called a symbol of the eternal sacred vinta. how to make a woven cloth using the Gedogan loom (simple and manual weaving equipment) for 1 cloth takes 3 weeks to 1 month. The type of material from silk thread is combined with gold thread.

Subahnale motif

The subhanale motif means sincerity and patience. It is usually used for wedding processions (Traditional Ceremonies) processed using gedogan weaving tools. The coloring technique uses natural dyes from plants, namely unyit and mango leaves. Type of material from cotton yarn.

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Galang Songket
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