Bandar Sambal

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Bandar Sambal is a company that produces various packaged special chili sauce. We are here to preserve the cultural authenticity of the typical Indonesian chili flavors, especially Lombok's typical chili sauce. We have started to produce and market Lombok special packaged chili sauce with original recipes starting in 2016. In addition to starting a business, we also want to introduce the treasures of various typical Indonesian chilies by starting to collect several types of chili sauce in our area by paying attention to the potential of existing resources, because in this way we hope to provide business opportunities for small groups or individuals, especially for empowering women. We really maintain product quality starting from the selection of raw materials, until the manufacturing process.

Currently, we already have several variants of chili sauce where the raw materials come from existing resources on the island of Lombok such as local farmers' chilies, organic rice / protected eel, salted squid, and high quality Bajo / salted fish. Practical and economical packaging allows us to market our products well so that we can lift and introduce the Lombok special Sambal to all corners of Indonesia.
Product Name : Bandar Sambal
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Location : Jalan Raya Banjar Getas, Perumahan Orian View A 11 Ampenan
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Rini Handayani
Name : Rini Handayani
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