About Us

SASAMBO (Strategic Allience for West Nusa Tenggara Investment Dashboard) is a coordination forum between the WNT Provincial Government and Bank Indonesia which aims to intergrate WNT’s resources and potential in order to strengthen of professional investment services, pro active in an effort to attract investors, promotion and trade corporation to increase global competitiveness and achive high economic growth.

Realizing NTB Gemilang through Sustainable Economic Growth Towards an Advanced Indonesia

  1. Realizing an integrated and reliable one-stop information center and promotion service for investment, trade and tourism.
  2. To become an advisor to the NTB government in order to accelerate investment, trade and tourism.
  3. To accommodate the capacity building of related NTB human resources in order to increase competitiveness and strengthen economic independence and finance development.
  4. Encouraging the opening of market access for NTB in the context of export trade in the global market.
  5. Creating a conducive climate for investment and export, as well as promoting sustainable tourism destinations.

  1. Planning a strategy to promote investment, trade and tourism in West Nusa Tenggara Province with related stakeholders.
  2. Coordinating and recommending policies in the context of implementing strategies for promoting investment, trade and tourism in West Nusa Tenggara Province.
  3. Facilitating the preperation of projects or business fields will be promoted to investors, financial institutions or other parties.

"Invest in Paradise Island"

We Welcome all of you to invest on our province and be part of making West Nusa Tenggara as the new world class tourist destination

Drs. H. Lalu Gita Ariadi, M.Si (Pj. Governor of West Nusa Tenggara Province)

We invite all the investors to invest in West Nusa Tenggara, the paradise island in Indonesia.

Berry Arifsyah Harahap (Head of Bank Indonesia Representative Office for West Nusa Tenggara)